About Antje - Mrs. Poa

Antje. Mrs. Poa

Our Germany Team Leader & Business Partners

My name is Antje Godehardt, in Africa I’m called Mrs Poa.

Poa is swahili and means “good” or “ok.” I’m passionate about traveling and have travelled many continents, but I’m always drawn back to Africa.

In Africa I have explored almost all countries from Uganda down to Mozambique in the last 15 years. Many safaris I have experienced as camping safaris; only the zipper of your tent separates you from the wilderness.

It’s pure adventure when you hear the sounds of nature in your tent at night, like the distant roar of the lions or the “giggling” of the hyenas.

I have a special connection to one of the most beautiful islands in the world: Zanzibar

The pearl in the Indian Ocean is not only beautiful for relaxing, but also offers besides the interesting Swahili culture many sights.

Karibu sana!

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