Dar es Salaam Day Trip

Why Dar es Salaam Day Trip?

Discover the vibrant heart of Tanzania’s largest city on our Dar es Salaam City Tour. Embark on a journey where the bustling markets, historic landmarks and stunning architecture await.
Discover a seafood lover’s paradise at the Ferry Fish Market; fresh from the sea. Explore a lively and bustling Kariakoo Market which sells almost everything! Learn about intricate woodcarvings & traditional souvenirs at Mwenge Market. Immerse yourself in tribal homes, artifacts & handicrafts at Makumbusho Village. 


The Dar es Salaam City Tour offers a fascinating glimpse into the history, culture, and daily life of Tanzania’s largest city. You will have the opportunity to explore iconic landmarks, vibrant markets, and taste local cuisine while learning about the city’s rich history and diverse communities.
  • Kivukoni Fish Market – Visit the biggest fish market in Tanzania and witness fishermen catching and processing fish. Try some fresh seafood. 
  • Azania Front Lutheran Church – Admire the gothic-style architecture and the view of Dar es Salaam City harbour. 
  • The Dar es Salaam Centre for Architectural Heritage  – Visit the oldest building in Dar es Salaam City, now serving as a center for architectural heritage. Enjoy the beautiful view of the harbour. 
  • St. Joseph’s Cathedral of Archdiocese of Dar es Salaam – Pass by this Gothic-style Roman Catholic church with fascinating features. The Sunday morning services here are great for optimal view.
  • Askari Monument – Pass by the bronze statue erected in 1927 to memorialize African soldiers who fought in World War I during the British regime.
  • National Museum of Tanzania – Visit the largest and first museum in Tanzania, exhibiting the history of the country with great care. See the famous fossils of early humans found in the Olduvai Gorge. 
  • Kariakoo Market – Visit this market where vendors sell everything from fresh produce to clothes and electronics. This market serves thousands of people every day.
  • Mnazi Mmmoja – Pass by this dynamic and historically significant location where the Uhuru Torch was ceremoniously placed in 1961 to commemorate Tanzania’s liberation from British colonial rule.
  • Tanzanite Bridge – Pass by this stunning landmark that stands over the Indian Ocean. Take the option to take some stunning photos.
  • Mwenge Woodcarvers Market – Visit this market to see exquisite art and craftsmanship, from delicate sculptures to intricately designed furniture.
  • Mlimani City, the biggest mall in Dar es Salaam and Tanzania, hosting a variety of shops and restaurants. 
  • The University of Dar es Salaam, the largest and top-ranked university in East Africa.
  • Makumbusho Village Museum, an open-air museum that showcases the rich cultural heritage and traditional architecture of Tanzania’s diverse ethnic groups.
  • Dar Es Salaam War Cemetery – Visit this cemetery, which serves as a resting place for individuals buried during the First World War. The cemetery also contains the Dar-es-salaam Hindu Cremation Memorial. 
We will end the tour at Coco Beach, a beautiful stretch of coastline popular with locals and visitors alike. 


• Transport
• Park fees
• Driver guide
• Lunch box
• 1.5l bottle of water


• Gratuities/ “tip” for guide
• Personal items
• Travel insurance

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