8-Days Ruaha &
Katavi National Parks Safari



Pristine African wilderness awaits you in the Ruaha and Katavi National Parks. These two remote and untouched parks are an insider tip for safari lovers!

On our 8-day safari we will show you the most beautiful areas in the huge national parks and the incredible amount of wildlife will impress you!

Katavi is one of East Africa’s best kept secrets and one of the truly remote areas of Tanzania. In Tanzania’s third largest national park, you can go on safari for days without encountering another tourist. The Katuma River with its marshlands provides an impressive backdrop for game viewing. On extensive game drives, you will see hunters such as leopards, lions and the rare African wild dog as well as big game such as buffalo. Zebras, antelopes and hippos.

The animal-rich Ruaha National Park fascinates with its largely untouched landscapes and fantastic abundance of animals.

Best time: June to October



Today you start your safari to the remote national parks in southern and western Tanzania. In the morning, you fly from Dar es Salaam to Ruaha and can already enjoy a fascinating view of the rich wildlife and spectacular landscapes of southern Tanzania during the flight. On arrival, you will be met at the airstrip and taken to your lodge. You will have lunch at the lodge. In the afternoon, you will go on your first game drive and gain an insight into the wildlife and nature of Ruaha. An extraordinary variety of habitats awaits you in Ruaha. The vegetation ranges from tree savannahs and semi-arid plains with baobab trees to green miombo woodlands and rugged river landscapes. The river valleys impress with acacias, tamarind trees, palm trees and open grassland. The hilly plateau of the park is covered with baobabs, woodland and scattered acacia trees. The flora of the park will also impress you, there are more than 1400 different plant species, much more than in the Serengeti, where there are only 600 different species. In the midst of this peaceful landscape, you can observe giraffes foraging for food, herds of elephants huddled together protectively around their young or individual zebras risking their lives to make their way to the scattered waterholes to catch a sip of the vital commodity.

Overnight in a lodge inside the park Meals: lunch and dinner

You will spend the next two days with extensive game viewing in Ruaha National Park. On your game drives, you can observe pure wilderness: larger prides of lions, cheetahs racing through the vast savannah and the graceful leopard, which lies in wait, protected by the thicket. Ruaha is particularly known for its huge elephant population, so your chances of spotting a “weighty” representative of the “Big Five” are guaranteed. In addition to a large variety of antelopes, you can spot skilled hunters such as the endangered African wild dog or the crocodile lurking silently in the river water, hippos, hyenas and jackals. Remarkable is the greater kudu, which is known for its corkscrew-shaped horns. It is also the animal symbol of the Ruaha park emblem.

For bird lovers and ornithologists, the national park is a true paradise. Estimates put the number of species at around 500, including the colorful tricolored glossy starling, Kaffir hornbill, two-legged kingfisher and mighty lesser spotted eagle. During the long dry season, Ruaha’s abundant wildlife is concentrated along the Great Ruaha River and the few remaining waterholes. This makes game viewing particularly easy at this time. After the onset of the rainy season, however, the park is transformed into a completely new world; the leaves of the trees burst forth and bathe the magical landscape in a soft green, the Ruaha River swells up into a raging river.

Overnight in a lodge inside the park. All meals included.


In the morning, you will go on one last game drive through Ruaha National Park. Afterwards you will go to the airstrip and fly on to Katavi in a “bush plane”. On arrival, you will be met at the airstrip and transferred to your Camp. In the afternoon, you will go on your first game drive through the unknown Katavi National Park. Katavi National Park in the far southwest is one of the few natural areas in Tanzania that is still largely unexplored. Those who venture here can expect a truly unforgettable safari experience. Experience the diverse landscape of Katavi, from swamps and wide open grasslands to dense forest and shrubland, lakes and rivers. Katavi is characterized by its original African wilderness. Lake Katavi lies to the north of the park, while the palm-fringed Lake Chada and the Katuma River lie to the south-east. In the rainy season, the marshy lakes attract countless water birds and serve as a water source for Katavi’s wildlife, feeding Tanzania’s densest concentrations of hippos and crocodiles.

Overnight in a Camp inside the park. All meals included.

The following three days are spent with extensive game viewing and game drives in Katavi. Katavi National Park is home to every species of animal that can be found on the African continent. Huge herds of hippos and crocodiles live in the river and the seasonal lake. Eland, Sable and Roan antelope find shelter in the dense Miombo dry forest. Observe warthogs on game drives, clumsy-looking giraffes foraging for food, various antelope species, majestic elephants and skilled hunters such as lions, graceful leopards, hyenas, swift-as-an-arrow cheetahs and the rare African wild dog. The riverbed of the Kutuma River is home to the highest density of hippos in the country and the largest crocodiles in Tanzania. At the end of the dry season, you may be lucky enough to see up to 200 hippos at once in a pool of water that is still deep enough. Katavi is at its most impressive during the dry season, when the water in the lakes and rivers recedes. Now the Kutuma River shrinks to a shallow, narrow rinsal. Hundreds of densely packed hippos and numerous crocodiles fight for the last remaining water and offer a fascinating sight. As one of the last sources of drinking water in the park, the river and the adjacent alluvial plains attract an incredible number of animals. As one of the last sources of drinking water in the park, the river and the adjacent alluvial plains attract an incredible number of animals.

Overnight in a Camp inside the park. All meals included.

In the morning you fly from Katavi back to Dar es Salaam, where your safari ends. During the flight, you can take in the last impressive views of the Tanzanian landscapes and abundant wildlife below you.

Arrival in Dar es Salaam around 4 pm. Meals: breakfast


  • Ruaha and Katavi National Park safari according to program
  • 3 flights (Dar es Salaam – Ruaha; Ruaha – Katavi; Katavi – Dar es Salaam)
  • Overnight stays in safari lodges and tented camps incl. full board
  • 2 game drives per day in an open safari vehicle
  • all transfers from/to airstrip
  • All national park and reserve fees


  • International flights
  • Tipping
  • Personal items (Souvenirs, travel insurance, visa fees, etc.)
  • Optional excursions and activities
  • Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages

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