Mikumi National Park

The Serengeti of the south
During the dry season, the Mkata River attracts an enormous amount of wildlife from a vast ecosystem. Mikumi is beautiful, with its vast savannahs dotted with tamarind trees, winding rivers and breathtaking mountain scenery. Large herds of elephant, buffalo and hippo can be seen here, as well as lion, leopard and hyena. The park is also home to rare species such as sable antelope, Lichtenstein’s antelope and wild dog. With over 400 species, an astonishing variety of birds can also be observed here.

A magnet for wildlife
The fourth largest national park in Tanzania offers great game viewing all year round. The landscapes in Mikumi National Park can be compared to those of the Serengeti National Park, with acacias, baobabs and tamarind trees lining the savannah.

During the dry season, the Mkata River attracts large numbers of wildlife from the Mkata Plains. Elephants and buffaloes can be seen along the river looking for water, shade and the fruit of the tamarind trees.

The Ruhebo and Uluguru mountains on the northern border of Mikumi National Park are beautiful and offer exceptional guided walks.

Mikumi National Park is part of the vast Ruaha and Nyerere ecosystems, which offer exceptional game viewing opportunities. Lions, leopards, hyenas and even the rare African wild dogs live here.

Two man-made lakes are famous for Mikumi’s hippos and attract a variety of wildlife, including elephant and buffalo.

Unique antelope such as eland, greater kudu, Lichtenstein’s antelope and sable antelope can be found in the Miombo woodlands and Vuma Mountains.

Mikumi National Park is a great place for bird watching in Tanzania as it is home to over 400 bird species. The black-bellied bustard, guinea fowl, marabou, bateleur, oxpecker, forked roller and yellow-throated pipit are just some of the many species you can see here. Migratory birds return to the park from November to April.

Best time to visit Mikumi National Park
You can travel to this park all year round, but the best time to visit Mikumi National Park is during the dry season from June to October. During this time, the animals congregate near water sources such as the Mkata River and the Hippo Pools. An abundance of wildlife makes for great game viewing and the opportunity to see predators in action. The dry season is also ideal for hiking in the mountains and to Kinole Waterfall, where you can swim in the water.

Wildlife, wildlife, wildlife on the Southern Circuit
The Southern Circuit offers excellent game viewing opportunities. If you want to avoid the many visitors during the high season in Tanzania, then the parks on Tanzania’s Southern Circuit are perfect for you. During the dry season, you can see four of the Big Five here, only the rhino is missing. Lions can be observed by the river, where they wait for their prey. The birdlife is also unique. In addition, the park is easily accessible and only 218 kilometres from Dar es Salaam.

Mikumi National Park is located on the Southern Circuit and is only 218 kilometres – or about four hours’ drive – from Dar es Salaam (which has an international airport). Most visitors start their safari on the Southern Circuit in Mikumi and then drive on to the better-known Ruaha National Park and Nyerere National Park. If you are on a beach holiday, you can also fly to Mikumi from Zanzibar.

Photos from Mikumi National Park


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